In our line maps, bus stop maps and zone maps in Agder, you can more easily find out about public transport in Agder county. Note that the maps do not cover temporary route changes and traffic deviations as a result of roadworks, detours etc.

Geographic map Agder

The buses that run on behalf of Agder public transport drive throughout Agder. Agder is located in the very south of Norway. Agder borders Rogaland in the west and Vestfold and Telemark in the north and east. Agder county consists of 25 municipalities and has approx. 307,000 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020, where Kristiansand has approx. 111,600 inhabitants

Line maps for Agder

The line maps show in a simplified way the bus routes' ordinary driving routes, central stops/hubs and important geographical reference points on the various routes. You can find further details about the various bus lines in our timetables or by searching for travel in our travel planner

Line map of the Kristiansand area

The map shows the bus lines in Kristiansand and Vennesla that are run by Boreal. In addition, you will receive information about stops in Kvadraturen and Kristiansand bus station.

You can also download a static map (pdf) of bus stops at Kristiansand bus terminal:

Line map Arendal and Grimstad

The map shows the bus lines in Arendal and Grimstad that are run by Setesdal Bilruter and Agder Buss. You also get an overview map of the bus terminal in Arendal.

You can also download a static map (pdf) of bus stops at

Line map rest of Agder

The map shows the bus routes that run in the district, outside the Kristiansand area, Arendal and Grimstad. For details about the bus routes in the cities, see route maps either for the Kristiansand area or Arendal and Grimstad.

Zone map for ticket purchases in Agder 

Find the number of zones you will travel in before finding the right price in the price tables. In Agder, 1 zone = 1 municipality. You pay for a maximum of 6 zones when using a single ticket and a maximum of 3 zones for an adult periode ticket. Count the number of zones on the map, the shortest way through the map from the departure zone to arrival zone.

NOTE!  You only pay for the alternative with the lowest number of zones you cross along the lines in the map (best option).