Airport buses

For those travelling to and from Kristiansand Airport Kjevik. Airport buses run by their own tariff regulations. You cannot use the AKT travelcards (bus cards) that you use on the local bus, on the airport buses.

Between Kristiansand and Kjevik the airport bus service consists of the regular bus service on line 35, at current moment. Between Arendal/Grimstad and Kjevik, the airport bus service is operated by the bus company Taxi & Turvogn.

Buses to/from Kristiansand - Kjevik Lufthavn (Kristiansand Airport)

  • Line 35 Kristiansand - Kjevik - Tveit: 
    • The local bus (line 35 Tveit) is the local bus service between the city of Kristiansand and Kjevik. As any local route, line 35 follows a schedueled route/time plan, and will not customize its departure times due to example delayed flight arrival. Line 35 use bus stop A at the terminal (see map below). 

Buses to/from Arendal/Grimstad - Kjevik Lufthavn (Kristiansand Airport)

Bus stop at Kjevik Lufthavn (Kristiansand Airport)

 Localbuses and the airport bus services are located on areas near the termnial:

  • A= local bus line 35 to/from Kristiansand
  • B= Airport bus service to/from Kristiansand (currently not in use)  
  • C= Airport bus service to/from Grimstad/Arendal