Ruteendringer ved åpning av ny E39

Når ny E39 åpner i Søgne, medfører dette endringer i rutetilbudet fra 28. november. Ny info for linje 43, 44, 45, 46 Les om endringer etter åpning av ny E39

Traffic deviation

Traffic deviation

Here you will find an overview of roadwork and other planned incidents that affect public transport in Agder.

Information on planned and prolonged traffic deviations affecting public transport in Agder will be displayed in the map below.

  • Select your specific area in the map
  • Information regarding deviation for public transport in the specific area is shown in the symbols in the map

Note that in the travel planner (AKT Reise) you will also be able to find reported deviations of a more acute nature for bus stops and bus lines that are affected by the deviation. Information on deviation in the travel planner is only in Norwegian language.