Tickets for students

In Agder several type of tickets are availiable for students. Below you wil find a brief overwiev on tickets suitable for students in Agder.

Student tickets in Agder

Here you will find information on various tickets for students in Agder. 

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Some of the tickets are sold on a travel card, whilst others are sold on the ticket-app, AKT Billett. In general, the period tickets are  intended for people who frequently travel by bus. Period tickets are available for different age categories and are valid throughout Agder. Period tickets are valid for an unrestricted number of trips over a period of 30 days within their validity area. 

The ticket young adult/student is the 30 -day ticket that applies to students aged 20 -29 year for travelling in the whole of Agder.

Tickets for students in Agder

Download the AKT Billett-app 

The mobile phone ticket AKT Billett enables you to buy bus tickets on your mobile phone throughout Agder. 

With the AKT Billett app, it is easy to buy periode tickets or single tickets in advance for all services throughout Agder that are operated on assignment for AKT. Advance payment with AKT Billett gives you a discount on single tickets for children, adults and seniors – throughout Agder. The fare is determined by the number of zones that make up your journey (max. 6 zones).

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