AKT Nettbutikk webshop

AKT Nettbutikk is a webshop where you can buy tickets for the whole of Agder. To be able to use the webshop, you must already have a travel card.

AKT Nettbutikk webshop

In the webshop, you can buy period tickets, Flexikort and top up pay as you go credit on your travel card. In addition, you can read the balance for the remaining days on the season ticket, remaining trips on the Flexicard or the remaining value on pay as you go credit.

To be able to use AKT Nettbutikk webshop, you must have a travel card that you get for free at our customer centers.

See more information on our customer centres

NOTE! The purchase in the webshop can not be guaranteed to be used on the bus until the next day at 05.00. This is because the ticket machines in the buses are not online at all times and thus do not receive the purchase from the online store directly. The message "På vei til kortet" in the bus card validator means that the travel product is loaded to the bus card when the bus card is activated on the card reader/validator on board the bus.

New or experienced user 

  • New users can easily create a user account by registering personalities under "Create account"
  • If you already have a user account in the AKT Nettbutikk webshop, enter your username / password, then select "Sign in"

AKT Nettbutikk webshop

You can use AKT Nettbutikk webshop in two different ways:

  • You can either go directly to the AKT Nettbutikk webshop here, The webshop opens in a new tab. Link to AKT Nettbutikk webshop 
    • Please note that the URL of the webshop is outside the AKT domain. The address of the webshop looks like this: https://admin.api.fara.no/fs-webshop-client/#/login?pta=AKT.
  • Or you can do your shopping in AKT Nettbutikk webshop in the window below:

AKT Nettbutikk webshop:

Words and phrases in the webshop

When to buy period tickets / Flexi card = button for "Buy ticket"

  • In the webshop, you can buy the season tickets 30-day ticket (children, young people, young adults/students, adults and seniors), 180-day tickets (for adults 30–66 years) or Flexikort for the Kristiansand area (10/20 trips) on your travel card. You buy season tickets by selecting the "Buy product" button.

When to top up pay as you go credit = button for "Load"

  • In the webshop, you can also top up pay as you go credit on the bus card. Pay as you go credit is money you top up on your travel card. Pay as you go credit can be used instead of cash and is valid on all lines throughout Agder that are operated on behalf of AKT. You pay for the refill with a bank card (Visa / MasterCard). You top up Travel Money by selecting the "Top up" button.