The AKT Billett and privacy

When using the AKT Billett app, you can travel anonymously with Agder Kollektivtrafikk. This also applies if you register your payment card for later use. The reason is that it is the payment services and not the app that store your payment card details.


The AKT Billett app thus complies with the the Norwegian Data Inspectorate's requirements and conforms with industry standards for privacy and information security in electronic ticketing.

Sales information: Which ticket type, zones and time of purchase.

We only stores your information if you have consented to it. You can withdraw this consent at any time. Customer information and sales information are stored in separate databases, and there is restricted access to the information.

Access and use

Access to your travel and customer information is restricted. Access to information about you is limited. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party as long as we are not obliged to do so by the Norwegian authorities.

Storage and deletion

  • Customer information will be deleted if you withdraw your consent to its storage.
  • Information that is necessary for invoicing purposes must be stored by AKT for 5 years pursuant to the statutes on accounting. Access to the information will then be restricted further.


In order for AKT Billett to work optimally, the app needs access to certain features on your phone. You may choose to turn off access to these features, but certain features may then not be available or not function optimally. You turn off access in the settings on your phone.

See information on which features the app needs access to in the app store you download the app from:


We want to improve the app, and use Google Analytics in AKT Billett to collect information on usage. This information is sent anonymously to us, and cannot be linked to you as the user. If you however do not want to share your usage information, you can turn off this feature under "Settings" in the app.