What is AKT - organisation and purposes

Agder kollektivtrafikk (AKT) is the public transport authority (PTA) for public transport in Agder county. AKT is owned by Agder county (80%) and Kristiansand municipality (20%).

Agder county

Agder is the southernmost region of Norway, covering a territory of 16 434 km² and hosting a population of approximately 300 000 inhabitants. The population is concentrated on the coastal area in a proportion of about 80%. The municipality of Kristiansand, with a population of approximately 111 000 inhabitants, is the largest urban area and also the capital of the region. 

Agder kollektivtrafikk (AKT)

Agder kollektivtrafikk (AKT) is the public transport authority in Agder county and provides local and regional bus services in the county of Agder. AKT is therefore responsible for all public transport on Agder, including statutory transport of school children. Our main purpose is to offer the inhabitants of Agder a well-functioning public transport service, with associated information services. The company shall not have profit as its purpose and shall not pay dividends to its owners.

Kommuner på Agder - Klikk for stort bilde 

AKT is responsible for

  • All public transport in Agder
  • All transport of school children in Agder
  • Contracts with bus operators
  • Route information tel 177 

Agder Kollektivtrafikk AS was established 1 January 2008. Vest-Agder Kollektivtrafikk (an external department in the county municipality) was wound up on 31 December 2007, and the company's staff and tasks were transferred to AKT. Aust-Agder County Municipality became a co-owner of AKT on 1 July 2013, where AKT was given operational responsibility for the contracts in Aust-Agder from 1 January 2015. Aust-Agder og Vest-Agder counties merged into Agder fylke 1 January 2020.


The company's main purpose is to offer public transport, provide information about public transport to the population and provide services related to this.  AKT does not own buses or other vehicles, and does not employ drivers. Instead, the company purchases services from contractors with their own vehicles and drivers

The goal for AKT is to offer the inhabitants of Agder a well-functioning and cost-effective public transport service, as well as perform statutory shuttle tasks in an appropriate manner. The company will contribute to an environmentally friendly traffic development. AKT's tasks relate to responsibility for all public transport and school transport in Agder, responsibility for contracts with bus operators and sub-contractors, and responsibility for route information tel. 177 for Agder.