New website and profile

New website and profile

On 19 January, AKT launched its new profile and new websites.

A digital revolution

In recent years, AKT has made major changes in the way we communicate with you as a customer. In the past, customer contact was often characterized by the fact that you had to visit a customer center to buy travel products, get information or other help to use the public transport system. In recent years, AKT and the rest of the industry have undergone a digital revolution, where you as a customer are self-help, whether it is about planning the trip or paying for the trip. Our old logo and profile have not been well enough adapted to the new everyday life, including through digital icons for apps etc.

AKT Logo - Klikk for stort bildeAKT Logo  

A more "forward-looking" expression

In order to be able to communicate more efficiently, we have therefore seen it as necessary to make a small adaptation of the previous logo and profile. As a customer, this means no other changes than a new profile and logo on AKT's various products / articles. The new profile and logo will be phased in continuously as AKT's products expire. In a transitional phase, you will therefore be able to experience seeing both old and new logos. Products and effects with the old logo will work as before the logo-change.

New web pages to meet the future

The website is usually used by thousands of unique users every day, and is an important source of information for many in Agder. The new web pages are even better adapted to everyday life on the go, on the mobile screen. With responsive design, you get the same information whether you read the web pages on a mobile screen, tablet or PC screen. As before, you will find all information about public transport on, you do not need to make any changes to see the new websites. You will find information about planning your trip, paying for your trip and other customer service information. If you are looking for information about school transport, you will find this in a separate area.

Tickets, buses and drivers are the same as before

Beyond this, the logo upgrade will not involve other changes for you as a customer. The bus routes are the same as before, the tickets are the same as before that you buy in the same way as before and the drivers / bus companies are the same as before. If you have bus passes or other effects with old logos, these will still work in the foreseeable future. You therefore do not need to do anything active in connection with this profile change.