New timetables in Agder from 23 June and 28 June

New timetables in Agder from 23 June and 28 June

Changes in timetables will be made from 23 June and 28 June in Agder. The changes take place over large parts of Agder, see further information on which areas, lines and departures are affected in our travel planner.

Route changes Agder 2021

See which route changes apply to your area below. The route changes apply from the end of the current route plan period, which in practice means from 23 June in the western part of Agder and 28 June in the Kristiansand area and formerly Aust-Agder. Use the travel planner for updated scheduled times.

Note: part of the route changes will not take place until the start of the autumn route season in August 2021 (at the start of school), as part of the changes are associated with the offer of school transport. 

Our travel planner helps you find travel routes and times for public transport in Agder county. 

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Travel planner

The travel planner is available on our web site. The travel planner is customized for all screen sizes, and can also be downloaded for free as an app (called “AKT Reise”) for iPhone and Android. The web and mobile versions of the travel planner (including the mobile app) give you up-to-date real time information for all the bus stops. This gives you a full overview of exactly when the bus will arrive at your bus stop.

Note! The app AKT Reise is only available in Norwegian language.

Download AKT Reise

Klikk for stort bilde - Klikk for stort bilde  Klikk for stort bilde - Klikk for stort bilde 

Travel planner on web 

In the travel planner on web you can search for departures from a specific stop or do a travel search from and to different stops / addresses. You can also perform more advanced searches, where you can specify transition times, means of transport, etc. This can be found under the "Advanced" button.

  • Travel planner = Search from and to a stop / address now or in time
  • Departure times = List of the next departures from one specific stop

Travel planner on web