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Traffic info

16.SEP 2019 | 13:52
Kvinesdal: Feda

Busser betjener Feda sentrum via Lindelandsbakken fra 30/9-19

12.SEP 2019 | 12:59
Tvedestrand: Laget

Lagveien stenges helt – omkjøring for linje 154 fra 17/9:

10.SEP 2019 | 15:00
Tvedestrand: Gamleveien

Omlegging av ruteopplegget mellom Risør-Arendal medfører at linje 150 ikke betjener holdeplasser langs Gamleveien i Tvedestrand fra 16.09.19

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Route changes in Kristiansand and Aust-Agder from 25 June 2018

Route changes in Kristiansand and Aust-Agder from 25 June 2018

There will be some changes to the route network in Kristiansand and in Aust-Agder, effective from 25 June. Before travelling, please check our travel planner which is updated with the latest changes.

Route changes in Kristiansand and Aust-Agder from 25 June 2018

Our travel planner helps you find travel routes and times for public transport in both Agder counties. The travel planner is available on our web site. The travel planner is customized for all screen sizes, and can also be downloaded for free as an app (called “AKT Reise”) for iPhone and Android. In most of Agder, the web and mobile versions of the travel planner (including the mobile app) give you up-to-date real time information for all the bus stops. This gives you a full overview of exactly when the buss will arrive at your bus stop.

Note! App is only available in Norwegian.


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You can also see scheduled departure times in our time tables 



Timetables from 25 June:
From this year, the timetables in the holiday periods will generally be equal to the rest of the year. This means it does not come up with own summer timetables, but that the timetables will come in a full-year plan, with exceptions for the holiday periods marked with colors.

Most departures in the summer will go on the same times as the rest of the year. Extras (running during peak hours) are mainly set during the summer. Saturdays and Sundays are generally the same throughout the year. On several lines, the last departure in the evening on Sundays will be equal to last departure in the evenings on weekdays.

Most local lines are still running on random school holidays (planning days and the like) during the autumn and winter holidays, but exceptions may occur. Also note that school trips and departures that only run on school days follow the school routes in the municipality the route goes on.

New bus stops in Kvadraturen from 25 June:
All departures from the west and north, which have previously had an ending place in Henrik Wergelandsgate, are extended to Festningsgata, either Gyldengården or Rådhuset.
All departures from the east get the last stop at Tollbodgata at Markens gate (P) or Tollbodgata nedre (pl. Q).
Lines to the west and north will start at the Town Hall (M and N).

For more information, see our bus stop map of Kvadraturen here

Route changes in Kristiansand area from 25 June:

  • Line M1 Flekkerøy-Kvadraturen-UiA-Sørlandsparken (Dyreparken-IKEA)
    • Change of driving times.
    • The period of departures to Sørlandsparken and Dyreparken on Sundays expands. There will be departures on all Sundays and public holidays in August and Sunday skiing starts again on May 1, 2019.
  • Line M2 Sørlandssenteret-Hånes-UiA-Kvadraturen-Voiebyen + line A2 Hånes-Kvadraturen
    • All departures on M2 to / from Hånes are extended over Lauvåsen to Sørlandssenteret. This gives up to 3 departures per hour on weekdays between Hånes and Sørland Center, with 2 departures per hour in the evenings and weekends. The line will depart every half hour also on Sunday morning.
  • Line A2 changes in driving hours.
  • Line M3 Slettheia-Kvadraturen-UiA-Søm + linje A3 Kvadraturen-Søm
    • Changes in departure times and driving times. The line will depart every half hour also on Sunday morning.
  • Line 07 Local Route Flekkerøy will be a new line 57
    • Changes number to 57.
  • Line 08 local route outer Randesund becomes new line 58
    • Changes number to 58.
  • Line 10 Sørlandet sykehus-Kvadraturen NEW!
    • New line running between Hospital and Kvadraturen. In Kvadraturen, the bus runs Tordenskjolds gate-Festningsgata-Tollbodgata-Vestre Strandgate-Henrik Wergelandsgate-Festningsgata-Tordenskjold street to provide the best possible connection to other lines.
    • The line departs every 10 minutes from morning to afternoon on weekdays and every 20 minutes in the evening. During the weekends, it runs every half hour.
    • Trafficked by electric bus from 1 July.
  • Line 12 Vågsbygd center-Kjos haveby-Kvadraturen-Justvik NEW!
    • Line 12 to Vågsbygd and line 23 to Justvik merged to line 12 which will run between Kjos haveby and Justvik.
    • Between Vågsbygd center and Åsane, the buses will travel via Auglandslia in both directions. Otherwise, it runs as the previous line 12 to Kvadraturen and on the same route as earlier line 23. The buses will have a break at Skinnerheia before returning to Kvadraturen / Vågsbygd.
    • Line 12 will depart every 20 minutes on weekdays and every half hour in the evenings and on weekends. During the rush hour there will be extra departures between Vågsbygd center and UiA, while line 59 runs extra departures to Justvik. This means that there will be a few extra evening departures to Kjos haveby, while Justvik will have a half-hour route also in the evening and on Sundays.
  • Line 13 Kvadraturen-Lund-Grimsmyra
    • Change of departure times.
    • Trafficked by electric bus from 1 July.
  • Line 15 Tinnheia-Kvadraturen-Lund University NEW!
    • Line 15 is extended from Kvadraturen over Upper Lund to the University. That is, it takes over the previous route to line 19 at Lund.
    • The line will have departures every 10 minutes during rush hour in both directions. During the day Monday to Saturday there will be departures every quarter. In the evening and sundays depart every half hour. This means better offers at Tinnheia on Saturdays and at Upper Lund during rush hours.
  • Line 17 Hellemyr-Kvadraturen-UiA-Odderhei-Tømmerstø / Holte
    • Change of departure times. In the afternoon, some departures will only run between Kvadraturen and Odderhei.
  • Line 18 Hellemyr-Kvadraturen-UiA-Tømmerstø / Holte
    • Change of departure times. More departures in the afternoon rush between Hellemyr and Holte.
    • Line A18 is cancelled and replaced by improved departures to line 10.
  • Line 19 Suldalen-Kvadraturen-UiA-Gimlekollen NEW!
    • The line over Upper Lund is taken over line 15. Line 19 is combined with line 22 to a new line 19 Suldalen-Gimlekollen. The line will drive Østerveien between Kvadraturen and the University. 
    • The line will depart every half hour Monday-Saturday from morning to afternoon, otherwise every hour.
  • Line 22 Quadrature-UiA-Gimlekollen is cancelled
    • Replaced by line 19.
  • Line 23 Kvadraturen-Justvik is cancelled
    • Replaced by line 12.
  • Line A26 Voiebyen-Baneheitunnelen-Sørlandsparken (Dyreparken-IKEA)
    • Some changes in departure times.
  • Line 29 Justvik-Ålefjær becomes new line 59
    • Changes number to 59.
  • Line 30 Kristiansand-Strai-Vennesla
    • Some changes in departure times.
    • There will be a half-hour route between Vennesla church and Kristiansand in the afternoon, this replaces some school bus departures for Vennesla Vgs.
  • Line 31 Kristiansand-Sødal-Vennesla
    • The buses will drive the Baneheitunnel and Oddernesbrua to and from Kvadraturen. This gives a shorter travel time between Vennesla and Kvadraturen in Kristiansand, as the buses will then drive the fastest way.
    • From Kvadraturen stop in H.Wergelandsgate on platform G, then in Festningsgata by Kristian IVs gate, Oddernesbrua at Kjøita Park and then Torridalsveien at Gimleveien (as before).
    • Towards Kvadraturen, stop at Torridalsveien at Gimleveien (as before), then on Oddernesbrua at Kjøita Park, in Festningsgata by Kristian IV's gate and at Gyldengården and in Tollbodgata at the Town Hall and at the bottom of Tollbodgata on platform Q, which will be the last stop.
    • In the morning there will be departures every 10 minutes in the direction of Kristiansand.
  • Line D31 direct bus Vennesla-Kristiansand is cancelled
    • Replaced by several departures on line 31.
  • Line 32 Kvadraturen-Strai-Høietun
    • Some changes in departure times.
  • Line 34 local route Vennesla
    • New departure in the afternoon to improve the offer for students in high school and workplaces.
  • Line 35 Kristiansand-Kjevik-Tveit / Brattvollsheia
    • New departure times. There will be 2 departures during the hour morning and afternoon.
  • Line 36 Kristiansand-Tveit-Birkeland
    • The lines 36 and 137 are merged to line 36 which will travel between Kristiansand and Birkeland via Tveit. It is departing every hour from morning to afternoon Monday-Saturday, and every other hour in the evening and on Sundays. This means that there will no longer be a bus exchange at Ve for travelers from Solsletta, Boen and Drangsholt. For travelers to and from Birkeland this will be a significant improvement in the offer.
    • In total, lines 35 and 36 will depart every quarter between Hamersand and Kristiansand in the morning and every 20 minutes between Kristiansand and Hamresanden in the afternoon. During the day Monday to Saturday, there will be departures every half an hour and every hour on evenings and sundays.
    • Dønnestad keeps the offer on school days.
  • Line 40 Kristiansand-Tangvall-Høllen-Årosskogen
    • The line gets more departures, replacing line 42. There will be a route every 15 min morning and afternoon. Otherwise, half-hourly route during the day Monday-Saturday and hourly route throughout Sundays.
  • Line 41 Kristiansand-Langenes-Tangvall
    • Former line 50. Some changes in departure times to better suit upper secondary schools.
  • Line 42 Kristiansand-Langenes-Tangvall
  • Due to poor accessibility over Stauslandsbrua, line 42 will be driven by smaller buses and only between Tangvall and Langenes. Between Tangvall and Kristiansand, an improved offer on line 40 must be used. Line 41 above Vågsbygd can also be used as before. There will be a few more departures on line 42, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Line 44 Local Route Søgne
    • Previous line 47. There will be changes in departure times. The offer in the holiday periods is improved.
  • Line 45 Kristiansand-Nodeland-Nodelandsheia / Stokkeland
    • Changes in departure times.
  • Line 46 Kristiansand-Nodeland-Stokkeland-Finsland
    • Changes in departure times.
  • Line 47 local bus Søgne
    • Changes number to 44.
  • Line 49 local bus Søgne
    • Changes number to 44 (school bus 2144).
  • Line 50 Kristiansand-Langenes-Tangvall
    • Changes number to 41.
  • Line 51 (University) / Slettheia-Vågsbygd Center-Andøya
    • The line is extended from Vågsbygd center to Slettheia. Changes in departure times.
  • Line 52 Slettheia-Vågsbygd center-Bråvann
    • The line is extended from Vågsbygd center to Slettheia. Changes in departure times.
  • Line 53 Slettheia-Vågsbygd center is cancelled
    • Replaced by lines 51 and 52 extended to Slettheia and replacing line 53 on the same line. Line 52 will drive via Lumber and Vågsbygd ring road (past Trekanten).
  • Line 56 Ring Bus Sewing is cancelled
    • This is because of low numbers of travelers
  • Line 57 Local Route Flekkerøy
    • Adjustments in departures due to schoolbus to Flekkerøy and Lindebøskauen schools.
  • Line 58 local route outer Randesund
    • Adjustments in departures due to schoolbus to Kringsjå school.
  • Line 59 Local Route Justvik / Ålefjær
    • Adjustments in departures due to schoolbus to Justvik school.


Route changes in Aust-Agder from 25 June:

  • Line 36 Birkeland-Kristiansand (former line 137)
    • New line 36 with more departures and regular departure times every hour (daytime Monday-Saturday) or every other hour (evenings and Sundays)
  • Line 101 Eydehavn-Arendal-Fevik-Grimstad Nord / Sør
    • New departure Grimstad-Fevik-Arendal with arrival Arendal 06.55 Monday-Friday
    • New departures Grimstad-Grimstad South 20.25 and 21.25 Monday-Friday
    • The University of Grimstad is served on all departures and arrivals in Grimstad
    • New departure 07.18 Eydehavn-Arendal on Saturdays
    • New departure 11.15 Arendal-Eydehavn with return 11.48 on Sundays
  • Line 102 Tromøy Vest-Arendal-Rykene
    • New departures Arendal-Rykene 21.15 and 23.15 Monday-Friday and 17.15 on Saturdays
    • New departures Arendal-Tromøy West / East 17.15 and 19.15 on Saturdays
    • New Sunday offer with five departures from Arendal to Bjorbekk and returning
  • Line 103 Tromøy øst-Arendal-Hisøy
    • New departure Skare-Arendal 06.35 via Østre Tromøyvei on school days
    • New departure Arendal-Hisøy 16.45 on Saturdays
  • Line 110 Arendal-Torsbudalen-Jovannslia-Arendal
    • Saturday afternoon, the half-hour is expanded by one hour
    • New departure 11.45 on Sundays
  • Line 111 Arendal-Solåsen-Grasåsen-Arendal
    • Saturday afternoon, the half-hour is expanded by one hour
    • New departure 12.45 on Sundays
  • Line 126 Heldal-Osedalen
    • Cancelled at school days due to low passenger numbers
  • Line 133 Birkeland-Lillesand-Kroksteinåsen
    • Several departures Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Correspondence with line 100 to / from Arendal on Tingsaker
    • Extends to / from Kroksteinåsen as replacement for line 130
  • Line 134 Birkeland-Herefoss
    • Cancelled at school due to low passenger numbers
  • Line 150 Arendal-Tvedestrand -Risør
    • Departure 15.20 Arendal-Tvedestrand on school days no longer runs via Sam Eyde vgs. Instead, a separate school bus is established at 15.40 Sam Eyde vgs.-Tvedestrand
  • Line 170 Evje-Kristiansand
    • Departure 05.55 Evje skule-Kristiansand also run on school-free days