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Traffic info

16.SEP 2019 | 13:52
Kvinesdal: Feda

Busser betjener Feda sentrum via Lindelandsbakken fra 30/9-19

12.SEP 2019 | 12:59
Tvedestrand: Laget

Lagveien stenges helt – omkjøring for linje 154 fra 17/9:

10.SEP 2019 | 15:00
Tvedestrand: Gamleveien

Omlegging av ruteopplegget mellom Risør-Arendal medfører at linje 150 ikke betjener holdeplasser langs Gamleveien i Tvedestrand fra 16.09.19

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NEW! AKT Webshop – for the whole of Agder!

NEW! AKT Webshop – for the whole of Agder!

Monday 16 October we launched a new and more user-friendly webshop for the Agder counties

NEW! AKT Webshop – for the whole of Agder!


Former user or new user

If you have a user account in the old webshop, just log in as usual. New users can easily create a new user account.



Here you can update your bus card within the travel categories 30-day ticket, 180-day ticket (adults aged 30-66 years), Flexicard for the Kristiansand area and 24-hour ticket for the Kristiansand area. Note that in the new webshop you have more flexibility than before, by choosing from which zones your period ticket should be valid.

Note that you will receive a 10% discount on all period tickets when purchased in the webshop in 2017.

In the webshop you can keep track of remaining days on the period tickets so that you can buy a new period well ahead before the old period expires. You will not lose any days by purchasing the next period before the previous periode expires On the Flexikort you will also find remaining trips, but note that the overview does not include today's completed trips, which will be included in the overview the following day.


In addition, you can top up pay-as-you-go credit on your travelcard. You pay via credit card (Visa/MasterCard).