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Traffic info

16.SEP 2019 | 13:52
Kvinesdal: Feda

Busser betjener Feda sentrum via Lindelandsbakken fra 30/9-19

12.SEP 2019 | 12:59
Tvedestrand: Laget

Lagveien stenges helt – omkjøring for linje 154 fra 17/9:

10.SEP 2019 | 15:00
Tvedestrand: Gamleveien

Omlegging av ruteopplegget mellom Risør-Arendal medfører at linje 150 ikke betjener holdeplasser langs Gamleveien i Tvedestrand fra 16.09.19

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Fasten your seat belt

Fasten your seat belt

NPRA has in week 38 and 39 a campaign on the use of seat belts in buses. Remember to fasten your seat belt - also in the bus

Fasten your seat belt


For your own and other passengers safety, it is compulsory to wear the seat belt when it is mounted. If you forget this rule, it may cost you NOK 1 500 .

Without a seat belt you are heavier than you think – in a crash.

Less than 50 % of those who are seated in a bus where seat belts are mounted belts, use the belt. There are few accidents involving buses, but when it happens, the belt might be what determine whether you survive or avoid serious injury.

Which animal are you in 80 km/h?

In the belt campaign NPRA (The Norwegian Public Roads Administration) shows which size your body gets if bus the bus crahes, by comparing you with known animals. On you can enter your weight and find out what animal you are in 80 km/h. While your child might be a moose, you could end up being a much larger animal.


The belt will keep your body in place if an accident occurs, and you will not be putting the other passengers in the bus at risk.  AKT kindly ask you wear seat belts in our buses, where it is mounted.


Bilde Skjerm Beltepåminning