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Students (aged 20-29) – Kristiansand or Grimstad

Students (aged 20-29) – for travels in Kristiansandarea or Grimstad

Students aged 20-29 can tavel as often as they like for 30 days in either Kristiansand/Vennesla municipality or Grimstad municipality. Valid for all services operated on assignment for Agder Kollektivtrafikk AS. Not valid for the night bus, airport bus and commercial express buses. The student card is only sold in the webshop.

Students (aged 20-29) – Kristiansand or Grimstad

PLEASE NOTE! The student card for travels in in either Kristiansand municipality or Grimstad municipalit is only sold in the webshop. The bus card can be purchased for the first time on buses or from our customer service centre. 

30-day ticket

Fare as of 3. March 2020


STUDENTS (aged 20–29): NOK 450 Grimstad/NOK 350 Kristiansandarea

  • Valid in either Kristiansand municipality or Grimstad municipality.
  • Travel as often as you like for 30 days (1 zone).
  • Applies to students aged 20-29, and can be used by other people, but not on the same journey.
  • Valid for all services operated on assignment for Agder Kollektivtrafikk AS.
  • Not valid for the night bus, airport bus and commercial express buses.
  • Only sold in the webshop.
STUDENT OVER 30? Full-time students over the age of 30 who are members of the Student Welfare Organisation in Agder (SiA), can buy a special student card that is valid for journeys throughout Agder. Fare is the same as Young (NOK 505). This is a special offer and conditions apply – read more here!


Where is the student card valid?

  • Student Card Kristiansand is valid for the zone for Kristiansand municipality
  • Student card Grimstad is valid for the zone for Grimstad municipality

Note that Student card Kristiansand cannot be used in Grimstad and Student card Grimstad cannot be used in Kristiansand. When travelling between campuses, you must use the ordinary Young Adult Card. The Student card is valid for 30 days from first-time use on the bus


Who is entitled to a student  card Kristiansand or Grimstad?

You are entitled to a student discount if you are under 30 years of age and are either ...

  • ... studying full time at upper secondary schools, universities, university colleges, academies and equivalent educational institutions which qualify for loans from the Norwegian State Educational Fund. Norwegian students studying overseas will also be entitled to the discount.
  • ... a full-time work experience trainee as defined in Chapter 4 of the Norwegian Education Act (the page is only in Norwegian

If you are a full-time student aged 30 years old or more and affiliated with SiA, you are entitled to purchase a special student card for travels in both Agder counties.

If you are younger than 20 years, you will benefit by purchasing a 30-day Youth card (18-19) valid throughout Agder.



  • To qualify as a student, you must be attending courses for the purposes of obtaining a standard education. You must not be in receipt of a salary or other benefits in connection with your schooling. Work experience trainees are an exception to this rule. They are entitled to a discount while attending school. Grants and other scholarships are not regarded as salary.
  • The course(s) involved must be of at least three months duration. Higher education courses must lead to a minimum of 30 study credits per term. If you are attending Upper Secondary Education, your studies must consist of a full year's programme (Vg1, Vg2 or Vg3, or their equivalents). If you are spending more time than usual to complete your studies, or if you are not attending tuition inn all subjects, your education will be regarded as part-time, and you will not qualify for a student discount.
  • The student card Kristiansand or Grimstad applies to students attending standard tuition and does not apply to special courses or trainee work. However, non-Norwegian speakers under the age of 30 attending the course «Programme in Norwegian Language and Civic Life for Adult Immigrants» or the introduction programme for refugees will be entitled to the discount.

Courses which do not entitle you to a student card:

  • Part-time or visiting students, and adults in full employment
  • Public sector academies, such as those linked to the armed forces, postal services, Norwegian Correctional Service etc.
  • Correspondence schools
  • Short evening courses

 Remember proof of student identity when you travel

If you are travelling on a student card you must at all times be able to produce a document showing that you are attending courses during the current term. The proof must display your name and date of birth, the name of the establishment which you are attending, and the dates of the term for which it is valid.

What is valid proof?

  • A student card or student proof on mobile.
  • School proof for trainees confirming that you are a student or trainee the current term.
  • A reference from the school or trainee organisation in question which confirms that you are attending courses during the current term, produced together with your bank card, driving licence, passport or other means of identification bearing a photograph.
  • ISIC card carrying an NSB logo.

The ANSA card is not acceptable as valid proof.

The spring term extends until the end of August, and the autumn term until the end of January. If you are terminating your studies, the last dates for activation of a new student ticket are 31 July and 31 December, respectively.