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NSB combination ticket

NSB combination ticket

Additional purchases of discounted bus tickets using NSB's mobile ticket (30-day ticket on mobile phone).

NSB combination ticket


Train passengers traveling with NSB's 30-day ticket on the mobile app can purchase selected discounted bus tickets at AKT's customer centers (in Kristiansand, Arendal, Lyngdal and Flekkefjord). Applies regardless of the number of days remaining on the NSB 30-day period ticket.

The discount on the bus card is granted with a 50% discount on the ordinary price of the travel product from AKT.

The project includes the following AKT period tickets (30 days):

Fares as of 16 October 2017

YOUNG ADULTS (aged 20–29) – for travel throughout Agder
Discounted additional price NOK 247,50 
(Ordinary price NOK 495)

ADULTS (aged 30–66) for travel throughout Agder
Discounted additional price NOK 637,50
(Ordinary price NOK 1 275)

ADULTS (aged 30–66) for travel within the Kristiansand area 
Discounted additional price NOK 375
(Ordinary price NOK 750)


NOTE! Bus tickets are sold / updated only at AKT's customer centers (not on board the bus).